Are you looking for icy goodness in every sip … from the first to the last?
Are you tired of pouring a really hot cup of coffee … getting side tracked … and the coffee is luke warm or even cold when you return?

Well, you’re not the Lone Ranger. Your customers have the VERY SAME
PROBLEM. How would you like to put this problem to bed? You can with the
ORCA 27 oz.Chaser. Now … more good news. How would you like for your
customer to see your COMPANY LOGO with every sip? Permanent laser
engraving insures your customer thinks of you … with every sip.

Now that you’ve taken care of your customer … what about his customers?
Not a problem … PHGP can put his company logo on an ORCA Chaser, also.
Are these problem solving ORCA Chasers expensive? No … of course not.

You’re dealing with The STOG.